IMaGE Factory Full Permission
Sold by: Bryce Davenport
Joined: March 18, 2008

This is a Full Permission sub store of IMaGE Factory.
Everything in this store is the original creations of the Avatars Jessicaann Wrigglesworth and Bryce Davenport

So that your customer support questions get answered right away please send an IM and Note Card to the avatar Bryce Davenport

Thank you


By Purchasing any of the full perm products from IMaGE Factory Full Permission you agree to TOS:
The following is the TOS IN PART

You CAN use the included textures in your finished products. You are however encouraged to create your own textures.
You are NOT to sell or give away any contents of this product to another avatar account or an alt at full permissions. (Mesh/Textures/Download In

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