VHD - Vanity House of Designs by VictoriaJuliette
VHD - Vanity House of Designs by VictoriaJuliette
Sold by: VictoriaJuliette
Joined: July 20, 2012

♥For purchases of system-clothing, if you need an Omega clothing applier, please let me know and I'll provide it for no additional charge.♥
Customer Service is paramount. Contact me directly if you have any issues with anything I've made. Please have the courtesy to do so prior to leaving any negative product reviews.


♥ *If you cannot afford to buy an item from me, as a one time courtesy, please send me a notecard with your SL sign-on name and the name of the single item you would like to receive. This will be done privately. Everyone deserves to enjoy their SL♥
♥If you buy something that doesn't have a demo and you wish to get a refund, please contact me with a note-card.

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