[Wizardry and Steamworks]:Corrade - Progressive Branch
[Wizardry and Steamworks]:Corrade - Progressive Branch
Sold by: LYNQ
Joined: December 10, 2011

Good day! This store contains scripting examples for the progressive Corrade branch. All the items are free of charge. For more information on the Corrade bot, please see:


In order to contact somebody in-world for help, please contact: Kira Komarov or join the [Wizardry and Steamworks]:Support group in Second Life.


All the scripts are distributed under the GNU/GPLv3 license. As far as the content from Wizardry and Steamworks (http://grimore.org) goes, you are free to use the scripts even on other grids such as OpenSim provided that the GNU/GPLv3 licensing terms are abided by.


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