Curio Obscura
Curio Obscura
Sold by: Pandora Wrigglesworth
Joined: October 25, 2007

At Curio Obscura, you will find Steampunk, Gothic Lolita, Clockwork, Dollism, Humor, Fashion, Historical Recreation/Reinterpretation, Animation, Magique, Vehicles, and whatever else pops into my twisted imagination.

I am Pandora Wrigglesworth and the world will bow down before the genius of my creations. All proceeds from Curio Obscura go to my Global Domination Fund.


Almost every product from Curio Obscura is +Copy and this is why I do not sell anything on Marketplace in a +Transfer form. The only exceptions are my growing selection of gachapon products which are +Transfer, no-Copy, and only available at our in-world shop.

If you wish to buy something as a gift for a friend, please use the Marketplace gift system or come to the In-world shop to purchase a t

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