Heroes Clobber
Heroes Clobber
Sold by: Nightgirl Destiny
Joined: March 04, 2008

Where's a hero when you really need one? How do you become a Caped Crusader?

The problem is, being a hero doesn't pay well. And those costumes don't come cheap.Well, that's not entirely true. There are some freebies available, but do you really want to look like that when you are battling your arch nemesis? Don't you want to look your best when you're tied up and getting the criminal mastermind to reveal his entire plot before allowing you to escape?

At last, though, there's a solution. It's Clobbering time.

With Heroes Clobber, you can look heroic without looking cheap. Even the most expensive Clobber is less than half the price of some others. But you don't have to compromise on quality. And, as most include several different looks, you don't even need to worry about bumping into another hero dressed the same as you! What's more, you can modify them to suit your style.

What's the use in looking heroic if you don't have the powers to back it up. Lots of Clobber costumes come with little scripted extras that are sure to delight and amaze your friends, and strike terror into the heart of your evil nemesis. Possibly.

I'm Nightgirl Destiny, and I love making costumes. I love even more seeing people wear them. I want you to be happy with what you buy. If you're not, you need help or even if you have an idea for a new costume, you can usually find me at my store. It's in a secret location, on a remote island, but you can find it by clicking the SLurl on this page. You will remember to wear a blindfold, won't you?


I offer good quality costumes at a sensible price.
You have modify permission, so you can add your own tweaks or adjust them to fit.
They're transferable, so you can give them to friends or arch enemies.
Many costumes now include Omega mesh appliers, compatible with Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and eBody. Just look for the Omega logo on the listing. Don't see it? Contact me in-world and ask me to m

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