Laminar Systems
Laminar Systems
Sold by: Tank Kwaszes
Joined: April 03, 2008

Leave turbulence behind.

Laminar Systems is dedicated to bringing you an immersive vehicle experience unlike any you have had in SL before. With exceptional builds, textures, and scripts we push the envelope every further with each new release. At Laminar Systems excellence is a standard.

Returns: There are no returns or refunds provided. If you are unhappy with a product please notify Laminar Systems, we welcome any and all input.

Custom work: Custom jobs are available depending on schedule and other projects. You are welcome to ask but asking does not mean we will be able to take your job. Also prices for full builds will run higher than what a normal selling product would, this is due to the fact that released products are priced with sales in mind.

Handouts and Discounts: Do not ask for a free or discounted item. If we wish to give you an item at a reduced or free price we will inform you either personally or via a public announcement.

Commission Vendors: There are no commission vendors available outside of those who work within Laminar Systems at this time.


Due to issues with the policies section please see the profile.

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