Sold by: II3ossHogg Blackheart
Joined: July 16, 2009

<Rebuilt & Re-Funct by (un)Popular Demand>

The most extensive work of:
& Creation

:: The ACS-50 [20-20 Spec-Edit] ::

Featuring 500+ Attacks/animations + 350+unique spec. combo TRQBLST anims to be created by end-user + 100+ multi-tools/features, lots of goodies, & unique tricks inside.
-When They say 'can't be done', we DO IT. :^)~

I ain't Garth Brooks, but i got friends in low places...

Stop wasting $ on generic coded trash & other little things that get lost in inventory & later wished you had the $ back. NekroLogiK is 100% unique & custom w/ near endless options.

After years of work, we abolish the need/want for 2-10 systems/HUDs for your self-defense/multi-tool/adventurer/explorer/individuality/BOSS needs

Multiple unique technologies in systems that will not be found anywhere else.

<<Hex'D single line coded by The ['KodeineKingz]>
Ultra-fast response w/ micro-Script time

"Re-discover SL" w/ us. :^)
Like so many have said "It changes the game forever"

Too much to list. It is insane & many say 'That's impossible'. But we Dream in Digital & set out to do the impossible
If Philip Linden saw our work, he would say "Yeah, that's what I was thinking..."

[[ Anyone physically disabled IRL can have our items free -(COPY perms) send NC to primary creator ]]

From individual codes, to tricks nobody has, to mods guns/blades/vehicles w/ 10+ skins (3Layers deep (AO/Diffuse+Norm/Emmisive,Height+Metallic/Edge=7maps each) for photo-real items, Animations, mesh items, to off-the wall items I have created over the 10 years, it will be sold. Some exclusives on request.

Gift Certificates to buy for someone else::

Full information, manuals, digital usage/transfer, copyrights, & all legal info can be found at

Coming Soon: EMPTY ITEMS !
A new idea of creation w/ 'revibing' some old-school stuff the grid has lost...


1. No mandatory Group to Join = Anonymous Owners
2. Major Updates/upgrades sent when done
3. No crybabies
4. 100% confidential buyer list
5. 100+% satisfaction
6. Plz take time & learn to master the system - No Rush
7. Translations to almost any language avail.
8. Anyone w/ bugs plz contact us ASAP.
9. Not responsible for: LL BlackListings, LL changes to server, grid, or new implementations|rules

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