Alicia Stella Design
Alicia Stella Design
Sold by: Alicia Stella
Joined: July 26, 2006

Alicia Stella Design means Cool Stuff for Clubs & Smart Gadgets for Business in the virtual world of Second Life! Offering only the most reliable and highest quality products that are always easy to use since 2006!

Creator of world famous percentage split Tip Jars, the original Pay Teleporter, Dance Poles, and other iconic Club Equipment. ASD is also an innovator of new Web Based products for Second Life including the ASD Raffle Systems, GiveAway System, and more!


Alicia Stella Design (ASD) is not responsible for changes within the Second Life Virtual World that can affect the intended outcome while using ASD products.

Please do not resell Freebies from Alicia Stella. Give them away free, but never sell anything you get free from ASD.

Do not re-post freebies in the Second Life Marketplace, even for free, without permission from Alicia Stella.

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