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VGS is an experimental scripting factory setup to deepen and broaden the availability of immersive Second Life roleplay experiences. Established as far back as 2007, we've been catering for a wide range of roleplay environments for years. Philosophically, we believe that emotional depth is key to immersive interactive fantasy and as such we focus on diversifying the complexity of scenes and scenarios between people.

We have products for most SL roleplay settings - Gorean, medieval and urban. We sell non-lethal roleplay weapons and bondage devices; our drugs and drinks can be used as a unique drug trafficking system. Most of our role-play tools come with RLV features and are customizable, the Restrained Love viewer is not required. We also specialize in building devices, such as traps and alarms you can integrate into full-Sim builds or private homes.

Products include:

- Hunt and Capture Devices
- Carry and Drag Animations
- Unique Chained Piercing collar alternatives For Unprecedented Control
- The original unlimited capture item dispenser belts (Enforcer and Enslaver Belts)
- A Customizable, Low-Lag Capture Arsenal- The VGS ToolBox HUD
- Innovative Devices to Immobilize, Transport and Control Captives
- Intoxicating and Knockout Drinks and Drugs – and a System to Deal Them
- Create and Sell Your Own Custom Drugs
- Traps, Lockpick Doors, Alarms and Safes
- Mugging and Pick-pocketing Items
- Robbable Furnishings and Items That Can Be Stolen
- Self-Defense and Law-Enforcement Roleplay Weapons
- Pre-fab Buildings and Building Aids
- One Prim and Low Prim Sculpts


VGS Refund & Exchange Policy:

No Copy items: VGS will refund or exchange upon return of any item within three days if unsatisfied for any reason and the entire contents of the package is received along with the reason for return.

No Transfer items: VGS will replace for original Avatar at any time for any reason. Rare exceptions are made.

Contact Vaughan Elliott in world for best service.

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