❦•⊰August Dream⊱•❦
❦•⊰August Dream⊱•❦
Sold by: VioletCrush Bravin
Joined: September 27, 2008

• We provide you with items in the range of Omega & Maitreya Appliers (Clothing, Makeup, Skins & Tattoos).
• With BOM being implemented onto the grid and all of the newset crazed sensation we will provide you with clothing, tattoos, Makeup & Skins perfectly made for Classic Avatars and BOM Users Alike!
• We will still continue on wards with mesh clothing also, so you have a variety to choose from.
• Please read the details carefully so your purchase is exactly what you want and need.

• As always, No Refunds for customer errors. We will refund only double purchases inwolrd. We wont refund Marketplace Double Purchases as you have the ability to check items in your cart before purchase is finalized.

• Some items from previous stores IE: Antisocial, Black Dragon & Forbidden Butterfly Will be offered as Sale Of Clearance items, at a lower price until stock is sold out.


1. If product doesn't arrive in a few hours
• Use the support information at top of tab
• Allow up to 72 hrs for a reply.

2. We have Giftcards Available Inwolrd and On Marketplace

3. Please be considerate when addressing Staff with an issue. If your vulgar or aggressive, you can expect to not get support!

4. NEVER accept anything from anyone you do not know.

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