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Entec Media specialises in 3D content for Second Life, in creating for both end-users and content creators. Our finest quality 3D models meet the needs of a wide range of customers and builders. We are providing models for further modification with full permissions as well as already textured models with limited permissions, functional and non-functional.

Our Website:

Our goal is to provide users of Second Life with items of great detail and business possibility. We concentrate on customer service as much as on the detail of our work. We are making sure that each one of our customers is happy of our service. We are willing to help anytime with anything that relates to our products or actions invloved.


If you have any question dont hesitate to ask us!
We are always available for you, you may reach us on:

MSN : Entec / Entecmedia
Skype: Entecmedia
Mail: Entecmedia@hotmail.com


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Terms Of Service

While delivering a product if some error occurs, we will resend the object to you or give you a refund.

If there is an issue that prevents you from using our product, and we were not able to help you resolve it after you have contacted us, then you are eligible to ask for refund for that product.

For more information, visit: www.entecmedia.com

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