The Mesh Shop
The Mesh Shop
Sold by: Dutch Mainsail
Joined: October 16, 2010

The Mesh Shop is a small shop dedicated to designing the most detailed meshes for your avatar. Sail boats, real working watches, boardshorts and sunglasses.

Meshes provide a great opportunity for making things that could not be made before with prims or sculpts.

Here in The Mesh Shop you will see items which are unique in their design, taking full advantage of mesh properties.

The Mesh Shop is home to the BOSS boating engine. BOSS provides the most realistic experience for sail boats as well as motor yachts.


The Mesh Shop makes only meshed products. Although the concept is fairly new, it's up to you to check if your viewer supports this technology.

Since there is a demo available for every product there will be no refunds. Try before you buy.

If you need changes made to a product (for instance the time setting on a watch, please send an IM or notecard.

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