DATS Professional Door Script Door Scripts pack for Builders Transferable Door Script V3.2.8 * Expert Door building Set Versión V3.2.8

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Most Powerful Door Script System. TRANSFER Version!! Includes working templates to save you a bunch of time. I designed this to help professional builders who want to make perfect doors and not waste a bunch of time doing it.

**Latest Update 4/16/11** Added Smooth Motion Linked Double Door.

This pack includes aproximately 32 working templates that you can use to make anything that slides, rotates and scrunches in any combination in either linked or unlinked situations - and put them in your builds that you are selling.

The amount of cool creative things you can accomplish with this package is simply mind boggling. Making a new door is easy as pie with this system.

I offer free support for all my product!

Product includes:

8 distinctly useful Door scripts - ( Scripts with too many functions are Lag Bombs so I use the modular approach)

EULA is single user type - Purchase of this product equals acceptance of the terms the License Agreement (transfer only as part of a build for sale to an end user. You may not transfer the scripts with transfer permissions for any reason. You may not use this script to make doors that are for sale as doors or as door components or sell in direct competition with me any door or moving prim product containing this script.)

1 Finished Double Swing Door - can be used as a single or as many doors together as you want.
1 Finished Double Slide Door - Same as above but set up for slide with slide door sounds - Door can be made to swing but then you need to change sounds.
1 Untextured working Double hinged door (red is the master green is the remote) Use this to make multi part multi prim doors that work together as one.
1 Untextured set of 3 unlinked sliding hinges that work as one set. Use this to make... well.. I am not going to tell you what you can make with this.. it is endless... Red is master Green are the remotes
1 Textured Telescoping Door or Curtain Module - this is designed to be linked to a master door script. (A non moving Master door can be used as the controller FYI)
New 2/17/09 - Now includes a Curtain or Rollup Shading Controller as well. This will allow you to control elaborate moving things without the need of having a door within the system.
New 5/8/09 - Now Includes a killer Double Metal Gate that has wicked sounds and moves along the x axis. This was made to facilitate sliding some odd items such as sculpted prims. (Rotation remains unchanged)
New 7/9/09 - Now includes a finished Bifold 4 Panel Door made with the unmodified version of one of the above script sets!
Updated11/16/10 Now All linked Doors are V3.2.4 - Integration enabled with advanced Master Locks.
1 Dual motion Double Stone Sliding Door for secret Doorways.
1 Double Sculpted Arch Window with unlinked Phantom enabled Script set (3.2.7)
2 Keypad Controllers (Master Locks and Access)
1 Collission Mat
2 Secret BookCase Doors Unmatched to none
1 Smooth motion Sculpted Barn Door

Script perms are no mod but all parameters are accessible via config card or note card. Certain auxiliary scripts are full perm.

The scripts are inside the working door modules and you must set the permissions of these to no transfer and then copy them to your inventory.

Quick overview of the features of this product:

FVG Version 3.2.4 Door Features:

{Condensed List}

* Expert Door but Simple to Setup and Use.
* Double Doors or any number of door panels that work together.
* Drag and drop Door scripts.
* Smooth opening and closing with variable opening and closing speed.
* Auto Open Mode
* Dual motion Slide and Swing built in.
* Premium Open and Close and Knock Sounds. These can also be user defined for each panel
* Sound Off Switch.
* Individual Volume Controls for all parts.
* Reverse Switch for Rotating Doors
* Adjustable Auto close timer
* Set the rotation of Swing Doors in Degrees.
* Set the Distance of Slide Doors in Percent.
* Multi level Access Controls - Access,Owner and Ban Lists.
* Group Access Mode.
* Lock Status confirmation and Master locks
* User defined Com channel for grouping of doors in many ways.
* Optional Opening,closing and Locked messages
* Easy Notecard setup
* Easy Menu for end users
* Integration Ready, Script can interact with most other control systems
* DATS Matrix Ready
* Key-code Controllers included

If you are wondering if there is a non-transfer version of this script package available, then all you need to do is buy a couple of double doors with a script version of 3.2.2 in the store or on SLX. you will get the identical script. Contact me if you would like special features as well. I do some custom installations if they are fun.

This is by far a better more user friendly door system than any of the ones I have seen used in world.. and I am convinced that you will be very happy with this product and i will continue updating this with the latest features as they become available.

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  • Most Powerful Door Script System, Expert Door Building system
  • TRANSFER Version Door scripts for Builders!! Smooth Motion Door scripts
  • Includes working Door Templates so you can save lots of time
  • Build doors that you cannot make with other scripts

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Nice package

Publicado January 05, 2013 por Wolfen Greggan 5 estrellas

I've been trying to find a good sliding door script for a while now and this is the first one I've found that works correctly. As others have stated, the scripts aren't mod, but there is a config notecard included that allows you to make changes. Too bad the scripts aren't transferable to other prims (you have to use the doors supplied and retexture) but not a big deal for scripts of this quality. I've purchased several DATS doors in the past and was never disapointed so I knew this would be worth every L$. Highly recommended.

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best scripts i found for building i found

Publicado October 08, 2012 por Renee Catnap 5 estrellas

I would recommend theses doors and scripts for any door building or making needs work great :)

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