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The Road Odyssey House Bus

Combining the latest building technology MESH and some really great scripting brings a totally new level to the vehicle experience in second life. Never before have such things been possible. Driving this vehicle will most definitely change your perception of land based vehicles once and for all.

DEMO: Remember to come to my store and pick up the free demo and try it out first.

Tinting windows
Working Speedometer
Working RPM meter
Seats 11
Smooth opening doors
Different sitting animations
Couples animations
Projector head lights
Smooth Driving Control
Advanced sim crossing
Realistic gear ratios
Working lights
Working Indicators
Realistic sound effects
Baked textures
Media TV
Personalized plate option
4 colors
Free updates
Only 33 Prims!

Things to understand about this vehicle
It is rather big and only just fits on one side of most roads on mainland some roads it takes a little more room as they are narrow. It is possible to drive it on most mainland roads while still giving courtesy to other drivers coming in the opposite direction. The reason it is so big is so that avatars can freely walk around inside with out feeling to confined and camera restricted and so that it feels like a comfortable practical mobile home.

Driving and handling.
This vehicle features a smooth and powerful incremental acceleration system advanced sim crossing technology and true to life gear ratios working steering wheel speedometer and Rpm meter.
We all know the reputation terrain based vehicles have in second life some of the older models drive to fast and have bad steering control sim crossing results in ether floating up or sinking into the ground for a few seconds or longer. This can truly impact the feeling and mood of the driving experience. I am happy to say that this Bus will cross seamlessly with out any interruptions other than a 1 second pause between crossings there is no floating or sinking. I am so confident with this smooth crossing system that I have even added a special counter to the HUD that will count how many sims you have crossed on your journey. How many sims can you cross in one adventure? Over all the driving and handling is extremely smooth and robust. So weather you are an experienced gaming driver or you are a beginner you will feel right at home driving this vehicle.

The gearing is setup to be as realistic as possible where first gear is very slow and has the highest torque ratio and the following gears decrease in torque as you change up. So it is important to understand driving up a hill may not work in 5 th gear in order to drive over hilly roads you will have to change down as you would in real life or other driving simulations.

Steering the vehicle is very easy because the turning ratios are automatically calculated based on a number of different things to ensure you get the best control over the vehicle at different speeds. At higher speeds the turning forces are increased to simulate true to life road friction and air resistance.


This bus incorporates a new advanced pose system specially designed for this type of vehicle the seats have single poses and some seats have couples poses.

All pose positions can be adjusted but the positions will not be saved if you delete the bus and re-rezz it they will only be saved for the time the bus remains rezzed.

Driving tips
For the best driving experience on main land roads I recommend staying in first gear this makes the bus travel along at a relaxing 19Mph this ensures every thing loads as you move along and helps to keep the sim crossing smooth. Keeping your draw distance at 60~80 will also help and you will get to see and enjoy all the amazing scenery. Driving while in mouse look is also a good idea here you can get a view of the RPM and speedometer working. I have included some great Land marks of locations where you can rezz the bus on mainland remember that on the mainland roads there are many places you are allowed to rezz your vehicles. There is an entire world waiting to be explored.

Please download the PDF document for more information.

Download instructions See item in Second Life ®



  • Working Speedometer
  • Working RPM meter
  • Couples animations
  • Smooth Driving Control
  • Personalized plate option

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Fun Item for Family RP.

Posted October 27, 2016 by Toby Nadezda 5 stars

First thing first... I am rating this item 5 stars. A lot of time and effort goes into these builds and I know its not easy to make this item. Ok.. so the interior is a little basic... but imagine a vehicle this size with the low prims.... you know the creator must have had a lot of headaches making this item. I bought it as a final attempt to save the family from complete boredom. I bought this for 1950.00 but I felt it was worth just a tad bit more; so I feel like I got an amazing deal. The RV comes with a note card for suggested places of interest. I had decided before I purchased the RV (3 months ago) that we were going to visit the mainland's and travel route 8. There was some glitches in mouse look as my avatar would go in and out of the seat on sim crossings. I did ensure my AO was completely off and detached. It was not annoying by any means since without mouse look you get a nice view of the road anyways. We stopped for Food and Drink along the routes. ( Yes they have rest areas if you never checked it out) . I could not get over the smooth sim crossings. It was a nice little pause and go and the family was really amazed as well. We went round trip from Alphubel to Tweedle where our camp site ( PARK ) was. We managed 125 sims each way, yes it was a long trip , yes the children were fighting, yes I wanted to drink. I could not get over how real it felt and all the vehicle controls were smooth and worked when I wanted them to. The Hud is very friendly to use and the sounds were quite a treat. The interior is not perfect. It would be nice if the RV came MOD where we could select our own personalization to the carpet , perhaps some drapes or mini blinds. But once we parked I was able to throw in some décor that were 10 more prims. It was an amazing trip, we took lots of photos. I have them if you want ideas- Just IM me. Creators can only do so much here in SL. I am just honored that this designer had family RP in mind and they nailed it. Thank you :)

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Posted April 02, 2015 by SxYAnGeL 5 stars

This is a must have for those who are into traveling the grid on open mainland, family role play, or simply to have something unique and awesome to leave your friends in awe. Extremely great price for what you get..... I got this awhile back on promo price and couldn't believe the steal I got!! Low Prim, crisp textures, Easy to Drive, user friendly Hud, Realistic lighting functions. The main thing about this home away from home is The sim crossing option. ALL cars should have this function and I have yet to find any vehicle, especially this size that didn't fly through a sim crossing and through anything else in front of it. You all know what I am talking about! This has NONE of that nonsense sim crossing glitch rolling. It simply pauses for a brief second and carries you SMOOTHLY through on to the next sim.

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