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Tempest Inc. Creations Company!

Tempest Inc. Slogan: "High Quality Products, always at low cost affordable prices. Guaranteed ".

Tempest Inc. Company info: Tempest Inc. features: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Steam-punk, Comic book/Superhero Themed items, & more. We also Specialize in Scripted Themed Vehicles, as well as unique personal grid-wide travel Time Machines, Time Travel Devices, & Dimension Traversing Gadgets line of products. For our Full Complete range of Products, please Visit one of our in world Official shops, or one of our many great Affiliate sponsor shops!

Tempest Inc. Creations Company, their products, or actions, are in no way intended to infringe upon any real world copyrights. All products are original designs, any resemblance to real world objects is purely coincidental, and is in no way meant to infringe upon any rights. All Linden Dollar proceeds from sales are used to sustain production, & maintain Shop rental costs.


All Tempest Incorporated products are sold as is, with a lifetime guarantee FREE Update Policy! We Offer Quality Customer Support service, & always willing to answer your inquiries.

We do not take Custom requests for changes to existing products, nor do we accept custom creation requests. We are not liable to make changes of any kind, to any product, for any reason.

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