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CheerMaster sells the highest quality of professional cheerleading equipment on SL, specializing in amazing cheerleading animations and formations spotlighted by our amazing cheerleading HUDs in the CheerMaster series of products.

The CheerMaster Version 3 HUD has just been released for public sale and is the product of 3 years of development and "real-situation" testing by the Second Life Cheerleading Squad who uses the HUD for their performances around SL. The CheerMaster Professional line of HUDs and animations were created for SLCS, and has been designed, tested and used in performances by over 30 squad members several times each week. The CheerMaster HUD is a product that SLCS has designed for it's personal use during it's performances and promotions, and only recently has released this product for sale to the general public outside the squad.

SLCS and CheerMaster are proud to bring you the very finest in professional cheerleading equipment to be found anywhere, we believe in our products because we use them on a daily basis to perform in various venues around Second Life, and are excited to now make them available to you and your squad members.

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