72° Stormo, helicopters and crafts
72° Stormo, helicopters and crafts
Sold by: Al Olivieri
Joined: April 14, 2009

72° Stormo is a shop specialized in light and medium weight rotary wings aircrafts.
The store employes mesh makers of various origins, and scripters known for the accuracy and lightness of their products.
The main focus is into creating unespensive, easy to fly and at the same time performing crafts for the general public and for the flight enthusiasts.
The store produces at the moment only a type of helicopter which was widely used both in the United States, and elsewhere, both in the military and in civilian enterprises, the Hiller UH 12 light helicopter.
But new versions of the same heli are coming soon, and the store manager is striving to create more, exciting products in the future!
Stay tuned.


Since vehicles of any sort in SL are subjects to crashes, especially at sim crossings, and despite the strenght and durability of the UH-12 scripts, the crafts are all provided COPY and NO transfer/modify.

Limited amount of assistance is provided by the store manager, in case of major failure, please, ask Pierg Cukor in world.

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