Works Of Wonder
Works Of Wonder
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Joined: July 06, 2011

Works of Wonder is my next journey into the world of Second Life and although I have been building since almost day one, this will be my first solo venture. I have met a few great builders and learned most of what I know from one of the best builders in Second Life. My hope for Works of Wonder is to create high quality items with the lowest prim count possible and still offer them at an affordable price. Please feel free to give feed back and suggestions in the reviews whenever possible.

I have truly enjoyed my time within the Second Life community and have met many special and unique friends here. It is my hope to give just a little of myself back through this new endeavor here. I hope all who visit and patronize Works of Wonder will have a great experience and maybe find a bit of magic here.

Thank you all for visiting and enjoy your adventure in the Second Life Community.


At Works of Wonder I will try to offer as much support as I possibly can if you experience any difficulty with a purchase. I do ask that you read the full description of any item before you purchase it though, I'm sorry but I can not refund because it wasn't what you thought. I also recommend reading all note cards before you attempt to rezz or use any items, most issues can be avoided by doing so

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