Larsson Outdoor Adventure Products
Sold by: Lisle Larsson
Joined: July 20, 2007

Please stop by my in-world store in Bay City immediately south of a large on-the-water rez zone and a few regions northwest of Linden vehicle test sandbox regions. All my items have my original advanced scripting to provide you with greatest enjoyment. I am often in my store and happy to discuss product features you want added. I work very hard to make best things in SL. I like my customers and am happy to assist you. That is what SL is all about!


I enjoy visiting with customers and responding to requests. My items are copy only because I care about highest integrity of leadership items I create and want my items always to be seen and perform as I made them. I never sell modify "kit items" to placate other "builders" who really just want to copy my original scripting and design. People try to copy me all the time, but I never copy others.

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