Ironsight Armaments
Ironsight Armaments
Sold by: Tsume Xiao
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-Ironsight Armaments is a company specializing in small arms for the combat community. We take great strives to make sure our customers enjoy every product and are constantly working hard to make sure all of our weapons are up to our high standards.

-Customer service is high priority. Have a problem of any kind? Have a question about a Product? Need help getting started?
Don't Hesitate to IM Tsume Xiao.

-Ironsight Armaments prides itself in our high attention to detail.

Every weapon we make is built to RL size and includes as many of the RL details as we can fit with prim limits.

After building, every model in carefully textured with photo-realistic textures and any prim details are also corrected to make sure everything looks perfect.

No two Ironsight Armaments weapons are scripted the same. Each weapon is researched and scripted as close to its RL performance as SL will allow. Everything from rate of fire and accuracy to amount of smoke that leaves the barrel and chamber is factored in.

Every sound in an Ironsight Armaments weapon is custom made. These too are carefully researched and then recreated. Some weapons have required in excess of three hours of sound work.

Animations are then made for each gun.

Finally, every product is strenuously beta tested to find any errors that may have occurred and to make sure all features are functioning as intended.

Don't settle for anything less!

-All of our weaponry is scripted to be "low lag", have a minimal impact on the environment, and perform in high stress environments. This is not just a claim. This is a tested and verified fact that has been documented by numerous third party users with no affiliation to us.
We try to keep an up-to-date listing of script time and other relevant performance numbers on hand, so please feel free to contact Tsume Xiao if you want to know more.


-For all customer service or general questions, contact Tsume Xiao. If online, use IM's. If offline, please send your query in a notecard

-Due to the nature of Second Life, there can be no returns of "No Transfer" objects.

-Have something you'd like changed with your product?
Contact Tsume Xiao. We are more than willing to do small adjustments, such as increase size of a weapon, free of cha

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