The Really Useful Scripts Corner
The Really Useful Scripts Corner
Sold by: Grace7 Ling
Joined: July 06, 2007

Established in 2008, the store provides high quality scripted products to Second Life residents who value elegant design and functionality.

Weather: Mega weather maker for full sim, rain-resistant roof, ground cover, SimCloud, tornado, cherry blossom HUD, RL to SL weather converter.

Home and office: low prim mesh aquarium shelf, 1 LI art frame with transition script, spot lamp script.

Roleplay: facial expression / emoter HUDs, kidnappers backpack, drugged beer HUD, low LI mesh school blackboard, roleplay bed, chatbot script, starfield texture animation, hovercraft, gorean dictionary and kajira HUD, auction block.


No returns for non-transfer items.

For customer service, contacting me by notecard is preferred as IMs may cap.

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