Amehana Ishtari (Arashiryuu Productions)
Amehana Ishtari (Arashiryuu Productions)
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Joined: October 09, 2010

I specialize mainly in devotional goods in sl. Please feel free to ask for specially designed goods for your devotional needs. I am working on objects for Asian spirituality and some divination tools. Occasionally I release clothing products. New items are slow in release due to real-life obligations.

I am expanding into books as an extension of THG StarDragon Publishing's distribution, and role play goods as well. Some products split profits with creators or a particular sim owner in agreement to assist in keeping those areas open.

I can also provide tarot reading slots, art services such as illustration, editing, commissioned short stories/poetry, and commissioned narration services.

If you need me, it is better to put a notecard in my inventory (label it as "request" "item" or similar so I'll see it), or to put a notecard in my mailbox at my stories in Trotsdale and Neighberry, especially if there is a particular item you are looking for and haven't been able to find!

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If you need some help with your items, please contact me FIRST before leaving a review. I will not give refunds normally, but if something does not work as it was intended, or what you received does not have the permissions on it that it should, please let me know so that I can make things right for you.

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