Luna Fatale Creations
Luna Fatale Creations
Sold by: Wendy Nitely
Joined: December 06, 2007

彡 Photography Equipment, Artists Supplies, Drawing/Drafting Desks and Classroom/Board Room Presentation Tools 彡

Thank you for your interest in Luna Fatale Creations™ I hope you enjoy then as much as I and other team members have enjoyed creating them. For product support see below.

Luna Fatale creates & sells fine furnishings, art & accessories, artist's tools and photographer's equipment that we ourselves would like to have in our own SL homes. If we can't find something or we don't love the things we do find, we build it ourselves and offer a quality, fully featured product to the Second Life™ community at a fair price.

If for any reason you have difficulty, comments or questions please IM Wendy Nitely describing the issue. Wendy's IMs go to email. Maven Poulter is Wendi's backup support contact.
Please include:
▶ Transaction History for the purchase
▶ The full product name & version
▶ Description of problem
▶ List the steps to reproduce the problem


Except duplicate purchases, no refunds will be issued.

Great care has been taken to make the listing comprehensive yet concise. Read carefully & note the product permissions.

By using the product you agree to hold Luna Fatale & associated avatars & their real life entities harmless from any consequential damages.

We will make reasonable endeavors to correct reported flaws in our products.

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