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- If you a freebie soul, can always come inword into NEKKA's Public Park look for freebies, cheaper prices, 1L random gift, or just get random gift for free just for being in place for a while.
- Do not have building skills? Every package with sculpt map comes with builder script. Just rez prim, and drop script on it. 'Magic' will do everything else.
- Support only in English, even if English is not my native, PLEASE first read product "read me" from package AND my profile picks - covers 99.9% of questions. Describe as much details as you can in IM, and I will answer as soon will be online;
- Want to say thanks? Actually if you already bought item, this is 'a thanks', just use it in own creations and tell other people where you bought parts of it, also in my inworld place that I made public park you can find donation item.


- Full perm not giving option to resale, share etc my work, read yours personal license attentively, usually I ask do not use outside SL, give other person in any sort of data (as full perm object, recreating script, xml etc). You may use it in own creation to sale, but as far as you made significant changes (changing texture is not) and absolutely not full perm. Pretty fair term.

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